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Welcome to Goodman Financial


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Results in Numbers

(as of 12/31/18)

Average annual client retention 90 %
States where we serve clients 1
Number of professional designations 5
Clients' best interest is our top priority


Fee-only advice

All our services are provided on a
fee-only basis which means our compensation is a percentage of the assets under management. So, you don’t have to worry that trades are being made or financial advice is being given to generate a fee for us; we keep your best interest in mind by avoiding commission-based business.


We understand that clients are entrusting us with their life savings and take that responsibility seriously.
We consistently review each portfolio to make sure investments are being made in line with your goals and risk/reward profile.

Committed to Philanthropy

We refer to our philanthropic commitment as “Doing Good Things for Good People.” Not only do we serve a number of institutional clients and provide monetary support to numerous philanthropic causes, we also dedicate our professional time to nonprofit organizations as active volunteers on multiple boards and committees.

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We take our fiduciary responsibility seriously. We manage your portfolio in line with your unique needs, goals, and risk tolerance and have multiple people continually reviewing different aspects of your accounts. In addition, our Investment Committee monitors the market and your investments, managing opportunities and risks in a constantly evolving world.
We pay attention so you don’t have to.

Let Us Help



Whether you’re interested in saving for retirement, multi-generational wealth accumulation and planning, taking tax-efficient distributions to fund retirement, or have won the lottery or come into unexpected wealth, we can meet your financial advisory and investment needs. We will develop a portfolio appropriate for your situation that positions your assets to meet your unique needs and goals.



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Serving the Nation


Our goal is to meet the sophisticated financial needs of clients through prudent and personalized money management and financial advisory services. We present advice and solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client.

Our Expertise


Portfolio Management

We use a dynamic and disciplined investment approach when making investment selections, and incorporate tax-efficiency considerations into the construction of each portfolio. Our investment decisions are based on thorough research and primarily the fundamental method of security analysis covering not just a company’s financial condition and outlook, but also its industry position, sector, and the overall market and economy.


Financial Planning

With five CFP® professionals on staff, we are able to provide our clients with a variety of financial advisory services including retirement planning, multi-generational planning, divorce considerations, Social Security benefit analysis, education funding planning, insurance needs analysis, and more.
We tailor all our services to meet your needs.

More Info

Retirement Planning

We understand retirement is an important step in your life, and we can guide you along the path toward it. But, we also understand that the journey doesn’t stop at retirement; we can help guide you through it as well. Whether you want to grow your retirement funds, need to determine when you can afford to retire, or don’t know which account you should withdraw from during retirement, we are able to help. Our goal is to help you enjoy the retirement you’ve always dreamed about.

More Info

Tax Efficiency

We are highly focused on tax efficiency in every aspect of what we do for our clients – from where we place high income-generating securities to asset allocation decisions and gain/loss harvesting as well as distribution planning. With six CPAs on staff, our team members have the background and expertise to find strategies to help you be more tax-efficient in all areas related to your financial portfolio.

More Info
Our Team


We maintain high ethical standards to ensure that all investment decisions are made with the client’s best interest as our top priority.

  • Steven R. Goodman, CPA, CFP® President
  • Charlotte M. Jungen, CPA, CFP® Director of Financial Advisory Services
  • Chris A. Matlock, CPA, CFA Chief Investment Officer
  • Ed Roth, CFA, CPA, CFP®, CEBS Vice President, Investment Advisory Services
  • Wade D. Egmon, CPA, CFP® Client Service Manager
  • Anil “Neil” Chacko, CFP® Senior Lead Advisor
  • Joni Eggleston, CPA Process and Compliance Manager
  • Morgann Zimmer, CFP® Associate Adviser
  • Lee Taylor Analyst/Trader
  • Julie Kobrin Portfolio Administrator
  • Chelsea A. Bailey Junior Planner/Analyst
  • Anna P. Ceker Junior Planner/Analyst
  • Bonita Hardin-Lair Administrative Assistant
News & Resources


  • Finance
  • Investments
  • Planning
  • GFC News
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Protecting Yourself Online

There is a proliferation of articles in the news these days about cybersecurity.  As more and more people share an increasing amount of detail about their life online, cybersecurity becomes an [...]

By Chris Matlock, CPA, CFA
In Investments, Goodman Financial Insights

Mighty Mid-Caps

Our clients have long heard us espouse the value of having some exposure to small-cap stocks, referring to Morningstar/Ibbotson data that evidences how small-caps have outperformed large-cap [...]

By Chelsea Bailey
In Goodman Financial Insights, Planning

Investing in the Future: Saving for Your Child’s College Years

Graduation season is upon us, and we are sure many of you are beaming with pride in anticipation of your student hitting yet another milestone. Whether college is on the near horizon or still [...]

GFC News
By Goodman Financial
In GFC News


Philanthropy is one of Goodman Financial’s core tenets. Many of our employees are involved in different charitable organizations and donate both monetarily and with their time. Our Director [...]

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